This is my atelier, a digital sandbox where I get to write and share my passion and explore the magic of online creativity.

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ideas4growth is a personal but public learning space where I get to tinker with ideas and tools for personal and professional growth. It's a growth mindset sanctuary where it's okay to be a vulnerable learner instead of a power knower.

Some things that you might find at ideas4growth:

  • productivity tools, apps, and gadgets
  • podcasts, newsletters, videos
  • lifehacking
  • longevity
  • life design
  • mindfulness
  • woo woo stuff like spirituality
  • active lifestyle, working out, running, yoga
  • financial stuff, investing, index funds, crypto
  • celebrating (other) Creators & Creator Economy

ideas4growth that inspire me

  • simplicity
  • minimalism
  • intentional lifestyle design
  • avoiding stereotypical life mistakes (overspending, mindless living, mid-life crisis, hitting any kind of bottom)
  • lifelong learning (Lebenslanges Lernen as Germans would say, and I think that's beautiful)
  • personal transformation
  • reading
  • writing.


  • 🧠 ideas4growth (default)
  • 🎓 lifelong learning (reading, podcasts, newsletters, videos, ..)
  • 🖖 personal transformation, longevity, active lifestyle —are these the same?
  • 🔮 lifestyle design
  • ⚙️ stack (apps, tools, gadgets)
  • 💶 Finance (saving, investing, debt-free living, ...)

Site design

I'm still trying to figure out what's the best Ghost template to use with the site. As a first limitation to ease the decision, I will go only with one of the official and free templates.

Now I have to figure out if the primary engagement with the audience is in a form of a newsletter or by getting folks to the site. I guess it's both, but ultimately I want people to subscribe to receive the updates straight in the inboxes. However, the website needs to be visually appealing as well, so there have to be some attractive photos. It seems that Edition is the template for that.

Finding audience

ideas4growth is about sharing and producing the content I enjoy consuming myself. But even the best of content won't find its audience itself. So I'll get some promotions through my contacts and via social media channels.

After I'll have at least 10 articles on the site I'll also consider driving engagement via paid ads on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram/Facebook. I'll define a budget and success metrics, but ultimately it's going to be about getting people to subscribe to the ideas4growth newsletter.

This will also give me a chance to get some honest initial feedback on the MVP to help steer further development.

First articles

  1. minimalist WFH setup
  2. Top 5 ideas4growth podcasts
  3. ideas4growth tools category: stack
  4. Top articles from
  5. ideas4growth library category: recommended reading
  6. Top 5 newsletters to subscribe to
  7. Top 5 creators to follow
  8. Productivity stack (Evernote, ...)
  9. Commissioned article (UpWork, Fiverr)
  10. Top 5 ideas4growth books


How can I niche-down? Should I?

Peter Kos | author of The Elements of Lifestyle: Find Your Enough
This is my atelier, a digital sandbox where I get to write and share my passion and explore the magic of online creativity.
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