Google Ads / don't do that to your audience

Google Ads / don't do that to your audience

Don't add Google ads to your blog

Not if you respect your audience.

Look at any site with those ugly ads. I just hate it when I'm trying to read something and I see that ugly fallen triangle with an i in it. It's disgusting.


The first thing that tells you is that the site is built with a monetization-first mentality which immediately drops its appeal.

Next goes credibility — that is, if you're still on the page.

It's 2021 — if you're trying to monetize your site, add subscriptions or go for sponsored posts, add affiliate links, but not the bloody Google Ads.

I believe all browsers should have an option to set automatic preferences for ads, subscriptions, or donations. Users would top up a certain monthly budget into their browser, and then that would be automagically transferred to the sites where they spent most of the time.

And then we'll get a report, similar to the weekly screen time on the phone — where it would say how much we've spent on Brain Pickings, Seth's Blog, Facebook, Indie Hackers, and Pornhub. Wouldn't that be sobering!

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And here's one way to do it:

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