Free open-source writing ideas

Free open-source writing ideas

Tons of writing ideas for your blog, newsletter, or another form of Creative expression.

We all have ideas. Every day, all day, and often during the night as well. I sometimes get an idea in the evening, or it wakes me up in the middle of the night, and I get so excited I can't fall back asleep.

Hoarding ideas

I write them down. They are in my Notion, Evernote, in Roam Research, in the Apple Notes, some even in Google Keep. I email them to myself and sometimes just scribble them down in my Moleskine. I have recorded audio ideas as well. Maybe some video notes in the future.  

If I'd be able to run analytics on them, I'd probably realize that I never execute 99% of them. I leave them piling up and rotting through their miserable digital or analog existence.

I rarely share them with anyone. The topic doesn't come up, maybe I'm shy or embarrassed, and I'm probably afraid that someone might steal them.

Should ideas have an expiration date?

But why should they belong to me if I don't put them to use? They're worthless without execution. Maybe there should be an expiration date assigned to every idea, and if we don't use it within a certain period, they become a public domain.

Often, ideas become a burden to me. When I see them written down in my systems, they harras me, serving as a reminder of all the things I failed to execute upon. All that unrealized potential.

Open-sourcing ideas to the creative public

So I started wondering, what if I delegate those ideas? Only instead of commissioning them to others, I share them publicly with anyone and everyone interested. Let others judge if they might come handy. —And if they do, then let them use them freely.

So I'm open-sourcing my (mostly content writing) ideas now. I'm jotting them down in this Notion board, sometimes scribbling descriptions and outlines and letting them go.

I'd love to see other people bringing them to fruition. Even making money on them, why not. So here they are, ready for grabs. The only thing I'm asking is to get a shoutout or attribution (as a source) and at least linking back to this site.

But I won't lay any claim on them. If you let me know you used them, I'll mark them accordingly to keep the list fresh.

Steal like an artist.

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