Apple Event / October 18th, 2021

Apple Event / October 18th, 2021
Photo by Denis Cherkashin / Unsplash

Apple hosted their October HW launch event yesterday. They kicked Tim Cook out on the grass that some poor immigrant soul forgot to cut beforehand.

I expected there's going to be a ton of reasons for me to splurge on the new MacBook Pro, but it seems — maybe it's my age — that I became an Air guy now.  

Tim Cook 
Apple Events - October 2021
Introducing the new 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro, with M1 Pro or M1 Max chip, AirPods (3rd generation), and HomePod mini.
Apple Events — October 2021

The new products aren't yet listed on Amazon's Apple Store; should probably be visible after October 26th.

What was announced

14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro first impressions:

MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch
  • What: 2 new super-powerful Pro systems.
  • Why: the new MacBook line-up now starts with the 13,3" MacBook Air M1 and then escalates to 14" and 16" Pro models. And they have ports.
MacBook Pro ports
  • How much: starting at $1.999 (14") and $2.499 (16"). Add a few options and you're at $6K!
  • Should you get it? If your heart stopped at "Six. Thousand. Dollars." then it's probably not for you. I'm running everything on the MacBook Air M1. It's more than powerful enough for all sorts of workloads. ‌‌
AirPods (3rd Generation)

3rd generation AirPods first impressions:

  • What: new design, looking more like the AirPods Pro. A shorter stem, spatial audio, sweat- and water-resistant.
  • Why: support Apple's $10B+ AirPod business. And your existing AirPods are acting weird. Plus the interior of your old case is disgusting.
  • How much: $179. Or get the old ones for $129.
  • Will I get it? Sure. They'll replace the existing AirPods I use for running. The Pros are still perfect for those Zoom calls and travels.
  • Should you get it? If you don't need the active noise-canceling of the AirPods Pro, then —sure. And maybe just because you'd like to impress folks with always being on the latest gear. But if you'd really like to stand out, then don't be cheap — get the AirPods Max.
HomePod mini

HomePod mini

I still don't see any reason for putting a(nother) listening device into your home.

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